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I visited paradise nails on March 26, 2015 to have a full set acrylics done by a nail technician named Julie. She did not seem professional at all! 1. While gluing the nail extension to my nail she had gotten glue all over my fingers. 2. She cursed quite a bit when trying to express how tired she was. 3. She had gotten the acrylic powder all over my skin. Due to the extremely unprofessional and poor quality of the service when she was trying to file my nail she had a difficult time her self trying to separate my skin from the acrylic powder stuck to my fingers. She had also cut my finger pretty deep using the nail file which had obvious signs of use prior to my service. Although she did apologize I cannot express how much I regret coming to this salon. I have now grown a wart at the very spot she had cut me using the file. I am now visiting the doctors weekly to have it sprayed with liquid nitrogen. Due to the wart being located on the side of my finger it is not covered by ohip and I am forced to pay $20.00 per session to have the liquid nitrogen sprayed and a total of 4 sessions will be needed to treat the wart without garuntee that the wart will be gone forever. I don't usually do review for bad service but because of the situation how serious this has gotten I would like to warn all you about the bad service I have received and the damage it has caused.

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